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January 14, 2016 by

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Try Out Aradia: (based on my experience)

1. Everyone encourages each other and you instantly meet new friends.  *I met some of my lifelong friends at the Manassas studio. Instructors and the other girls are always telling me what I am doing well and what I can do to improve. I always leave Aradia smiling

2. You won’t want to leave after you give it a chance a few times. *Don’t go once and give up. Try it a few times -try different classes to find your favorite class, instructor and style. (My personal favorites-in addition to pole instruction classes- Ballet Buns and Sexy Flexy!)

3. Gyms are boring. If you like them- great! I don’t. I love dancing and pole is a great way to stay in shape while setting goals for yourself, gaining confidence, building your core, toning up, and feeling better. *The cool thing about pole and Aradia- if you don’t love dancing, that’s okay! Pole can be purely about fitness. Aradia has a mix of people that love gyms, working out, dancing, gymnastics, being goofy, and just having fun!  You don’t have to have past experience in anything to pole! (They also offer lyra, ariel yoga, and workshops!)

4. Aradia is the reason I didn’t move. *I danced in Los Angeles for a summer and moved back to Virginia for a year with plans to take as many dance classes as possible to make me happy and prepare for L.A. I did just that- I found Aradia and danced at dance studio in Northern VA. But it was Aradia that changed that plan… I was so happy and grew to love so many things…I stayed another year.

5. I do what makes me happy and you should too- give it a try. You have nothing to lose. I looked up numerous studios after leaving my studio in Los Angeles and Aradia won me over.

~ Kathleen, August 2015