“I’m Too (Fill in the Blank) To Pole Dance”

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July 13, 2015 by

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“I’m Too (Fill in the Blank) To Pole Dance”

Since I began teaching pole dance fitness almost seven years ago, I have heard the statement above countless times. Usually the blank is filled in with something relating to age, weight, coordination or strength. There seems to be some preconceived notion that in order to pole dance one must be under a certain age, with the measurements of Barbie, and the strength of Linda Hamilton in her Terminator 2 days. It’s true that competitive pole dancers are in phenomenal shape and ridiculously strong (there’s a ton of pole dance fitness videos on Youtube if you don’t believe me!), but most of us don’t set out to be competitive pole dancers. (I personally have been in two competitions and although both were great experiences, I prefer being behind the scenes or in the audience!) Most people who take up pole dancing are simply looking for a fun and unique workout (and maybe they want to feel a little sexy, nothing wrong with that!). You don’t need to be super coordinated or have a lot of upper body strength to start poling – pole classes will help you in both those areas. The beauty of pole dancing is it will help you get in shape and build your strength, all while having fun! Some people have told me they feel self conscious about taking a pole class; they are afraid people will laugh at them, they will do it wrong, etc. I won’t sit here and tell you not to feel that way, because I think it’s natural to feel a little self conscious whenever you try something new – especially if it’s something outside of your comfort zone. (One of these days I’ll have to tell you about my first Bikram yoga class…talk about feeling self conscious!) What I will tell you is this…

Whatever it is that you’re feeling, half the class is feeling the same way.

Seriously! I assure you, you are NOT the only one! It’s human nature. (I can’t even type that without hearing Michael Jackson in my head, but I digress…) So try to push those feelings to the back of your mind and have FUN. Go into class with an open mind, ready to try something a little different. You might surprise yourself :-) And, as an added bonus, you might end up with the arms of Linda Hamilton from her Terminator 2 days!!

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