Sprinkle Kindness it is free!
Be Kind

You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head. Be Kind to Yourself ~ Anonymous
I am guilty of being unkind to myself. My first Pole Con I remember one of the vendors had a board up that said what would you tell your younger self. And I without thinking had written “Be Kind to yourself.” I have often felt that as women we tend to be very critical of ourselves from the way we look to the car we drive. Today I urge you to be mindful of your conversations with yourself.  If you find yourself being unkind to yourself STOP!!! Call on your super power AKA affirmations. In a conversation with yourself the following must be mentioned
I am Strong
I am confident
I am beautiful
I am sexy
I am a Goddess
I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around, life is cyclical we see it all around us. Much like our hip circles 🙂 🙂 anyway I digress.
When you feel an unkind thought for a co worker, your lover, or your friend; take a moment to yourself and ponder a bit. What happened to you today or the day before that made you feel terrible. Were you made to feel terrible by someone’s action or words? Is your unkind thought germinating out of your hurt. If so, it is your opportunity to stop the cycle of hurt and start the circle of kindness. It will make you feel like a Goddess.
Majority of the times we go through these circular cycles subconsciously and the vicious circle of hurt just keeps on passing around. Being aware of your feeling the need to be unkind to someone in itself is huge because that consciousness brings you closer to yourself. A further conversation with yourself will have you questioning your urge to be unkind, which will have an unraveling effect and bring you closer to yourself . Was there another person involved who made you angry or upset. If it is your own insecurity, acknowledge them recognize them and then be kind to yourself. If it is another person words or actions that have made you feel awful you need make sense of that feeling, is there any truth to their words. Always remember the following famous words and move on.
Be Kind. For everyone you know is fighting a battle ~ Plato